Regarding International Participants

Thanks so much for organizing us, Alan!

We talked up the WISP rally with folks at the Netherlands rally (and countering a bit Ralph Roberts statement that the UK “allotment” was already filled up). Two folks — John Kelly and Mike Higgins — are quite keen on coming with their wives and staying in some of the cabins rather than camping. I think they’ve been in touch with Uncle Al who has had luck snagging a cabin in the past; and I think some of us could potentially help reserve extra such spots.

Kit and Bill and I did a tiny bit of brainstorming about what we might organize for the internationals coming to WISP in addition to the regular great events such as the pavilion pot luck. Possibly excursions to FineTown and Bolt Castle as well as the museum in Clayton by water (ideally getting some advance permission for tying up since the town dock is so limited). A few ideas for the committee!

Margie McKelvey and Bill Harkins