Regarding International Participants

Thanks so much for organizing us, Alan!

We talked up the WISP rally with folks at the Netherlands rally (and countering a bit Ralph Roberts statement that the UK “allotment” was already filled up). Two folks — John Kelly and Mike Higgins — are quite keen on coming with their wives and staying in some of the cabins rather than camping. I think they’ve been in touch with Uncle Al who has had luck snagging a cabin in the past; and I think some of us could potentially help reserve extra such spots.

Kit and Bill and I did a tiny bit of brainstorming about what we might organize for the internationals coming to WISP in addition to the regular great events such as the pavilion pot luck. Possibly excursions to FineTown and Bolt Castle as well as the museum in Clayton by water (ideally getting some advance permission for tying up since the town dock is so limited). A few ideas for the committee!

Margie McKelvey and Bill Harkins


The Latest for WISP2017:

We have not yet got the details of how we are to pay for our campsites at Wellesley Island. However, they have allocated us 8 additional sites and we are canvassing others to allocate those sites. As yet we have no firm interest from our European Wayfarer friends.

The WISP2017 committee is planning to organize dinners etc. at the park’s pavilion. These activities will be on a cost recovery basis, but we are yet to determine the cost per person. We will advise you on that cost once it is estimated.

For campers:
I filtered through my emails to give everyone their first or second preference. The one exception is Robert Mosher, as I was one waterfront site short; sorry Robert. I hope that I have got all else correct.
In preparation for sorting out the billing, can you send me your contact name, address and phone number. When appropriate, we will provide this information to Wellseley Island administration and you will pay them directly.

Alan W7346

Participants – Campers Campsite
Jim & Linda Heffernan 64
Robert Mosher 69
Richard Harrington & Jane 70
Tom Goldsmith & AnneMarie Covington 74
Margaret McKelvey & Tom Harkins 66
Annelies Groen & Steward 60
Pat Kuntz 67
John Cadman & Charles Child 68
Sean & Quinn Ring 62
Alan & Mary Asselstine 75
Bob Stevenson 71
Trish McDermott & Scott Boyue 65
Phil & Cathy Leonard 72
Tom & Nel Graefe 76
Kit & Patsy Wallace 63
Susanna & Steve Wagner 78
Henry & Anne Rose 61
Uwe & Nancy Heine 77

Campsite experience

Brian Laux wrote on July 7,2016

…I remember the campsites at the Eagle Loop pretty well, and I thought it might be helpful for me to summarize my recollections:
# 60 (where Eric & I stayed in 2015) plenty big, not waterfront but that’s nearby, and the closest to the bathroom
# 61, 62, & 63: the “premium” sites of all, on their own short driveway, right on the water, beautiful
# 64, 66, 70, 72, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78:  all on the water, but if I recall correctly with variable degrees of ease of access (i.e., for some the water is only slightly below ground level so you can walk in, others there is a short rocky cliff keeping you from easily going for a swim)
#68: You would think it’s waterfront, but it’s not since a small but steep hill blocks your access.  Also the smallest of the campsites.  In my opinion the least desirable of all the Eagle Loop sites that are available to us.  At least you are not charged for waterfront.
#57, 59, 65, 67, 69, 71, 73: the ones on the “dry side” (South side) of the road.  In general roomier and flatter than the waterfront ones, but not on the water, but also cheaper.
Perhaps those that actually stayed in some of the above sites can add their two cents.

The latest from WISP: reservation deadline extended? In which case, there’s still time for you to sign on!

Pat Kuntz wrote June 29, 2016

Good morning, Alan,
I have noticed the flurry of e-mail activity surrounding campsite assignments. I spoke with Jen, at WISP, regarding an update on payment for sites. At this time the subject of payment and fees is not on their “radar”, and may not be required until the 2017 calendar year. She has requested that I just wait to hear from them, which is fine by me, so I’ll not pester you with any more messages until  I actually have some information.
BTW, any site for me is fine. I will host a guest and have a small tent, small car.
Pat W3140

Campsite choices

Alan Asseltine wrote on June 29, 2016
As you are aware, the 2017 International Rally is scheduled from July 15 to July 22 at Wellesley Island State Park,  We have 18 people committed to book and pay for a site by July 10.  So we have the numbers ( more than 15) in order to book as a group a year ahead of time.  We do not have the details from the park on how to do the advanced booking and the 2017 prices.  The 2016 prices for New York State residents are $24/day for waterfront and $18/day for non-waterfront plus $4/day for Friday and Saturdaynights.  Non NYS residents add $5/day.  However, the park staff have set aside our preferred campsites in the Eagle Loop, sites 60 to 78.   I am sending this to  the 18 ( and those sharing the site) who committed to book a site and asking them to email me back with their 3 preferred sites as Brian did in 2015.  You can view the campsite map at   .  By the time we determine who is on what site, I hope that we have the 2017 rates and the booking procedures sorted out.

Henry Rose is on the email list as he is yet to decide if he wants to book with the group.

Alan Asselstine W7346

Tom Goldsmith wrote on June 29, 2016
Hi Alan,

If possible, Tom Goldsmith and AnnMarie Covington would like to be on Eagle Loop site number 75.

Thank you,

The McKelveys wrote on June 28, 2016

Thanks for organizing things, Alan!  We would love to have number 66 where we were before.  63 and 62 would be 2nd and 3rd choices.  — Margie and Bill
Uwe and Nancy Heine wrote on June 29, 2016
Having not seen the area, we are guessing that  76,74, or 64 look good.  We have a hybrid hammock/tent that ties onto trees that we might bring, so we are looking for a site with trees if possible.
Thank you,
Nancy & Uwe Heine

Phil Leonard wrote on June 29, 2016

We are unfamiliar with the sites and would like a wooded lot since we have 2 hammock tents and a large tent for sponsoring someone. I guess initially we would pick site 62 with 64 and 61 being our second and third choice but we cannot tell if they are wooded or not.
We don’t have to use the hammock tents. We do need a 10 x 10 spot for the larger tent.
Thanks for your efforts in organizing everything.
Phil and Cathy Leonard

Kit Wallace wrote on June 29, 2016

Here are my three campsite preferences:
  1. #63
  2. #62
  3. #101
Kit & Patsy

Bill Harkins wrote on June 29, 2016

Hello all,

Have a look at the link below to see a photo of each campsite.



WISP cost details

Pat Kuntz, June 17, 2016
Hi Alan,
I have not been able to connect with her this week and have been informed she’ll be there Monday, so I’ll try again then.
PatOn Jun 17, 2016, at 7:20 AM, Alan Asselstine wrote:
Have you heard from WISP staff on camp site costs ( NY residents/ non-residents; waterfront/ non-waterfront) and booking procedures.  Once I have the information, I will survey participants on preferred sites.
Pat Kuntz, June 20, 2016

Hi Alan,
I just spoke to Jennifer at WISP. She has not pinned down her boss regarding the payment schedule for our campsites, however she has guaranteed the reservation of sites #60-78 for the International Rally. She’ll get back to me as soon as she has fee information, and I’ll pass it on.
Pat W3240

Alan Asselstine Jun 18, 2016, wrote:

thanks Ralph for your note.  Mary, I and family are all doing well.  Not a lot of sailing as it goes from wet and very windy to dead calm, with little in between on the days that I plan to sail.  We have 17 people families willing to book in advance for the prime locations.  We are now working on the logistics of how to do this.  Our contact at WISP has been off on holidays.  Once I get things sorted out a little more, I will get back to you and others in Europe.

Ralph Roberts, Sat, Jun 18, 2016 wrote:

Hi Alan,
I trust you both are keeping well and have been able to get out sailing with the onset of summer. I just thought I would enquire how things were going for the rally next year, and whether you had sufficient bookings to be able to pre-book the prime area for sailing at the campsite.
Best wishes, Ralph


WISP reservations initiated for 2017 International Rally

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your assistance in the planning of the Rally at WISP. As we discussed, it is our plan to hold our rally at WISP, and consolidate our campers in the Eagle Area of the campgrounds. I have identified the campsites numbered 61-78, however I am waiting for confirmation on those numbers. There may be 1 or 2 less.

When convenient, could you please send me the payment timeline for these sites? It’s preferable for all campers reserve their sites in a timely fashion, however the planners will build in a contingency to insure that the sites are reserved for our group.

I’ll do my best to keep communications brief and concise.

Thanks so much!

Pat Kuntz